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1938 - 1960

1936At the age of 26, Hans Lingl sen. filed his first patent „Equipment for Engobing Roof Tiles“.
1938Foundation of the company in 1938. The first machine for engobing roof tiles meets with great interest among the roof tile manufacturers in Germany.
1939 - 1945The Second World War interrupts the creative phase of Hans Lingl and it takes several years until he can go on with his work.
1954The first continuous dryer is built in 1954 making it possible to significantly increase productivity combined with an enhancement in quality.
1955LINGL launches the first rotary cutter for the brick industry in 1955 and soon this type of cutter can be found in every modern brick plant.
1958In 1958, the first LINGL tunnel kiln with an innovative suspended roof is set into operation. With this new type of kiln LINGL rapidly becomes one of the most successful suppliers of ceramic kilns in the world.