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Machinery and Equipment

Depending on the amount of equipment, the production capacity and the shift system in use, LINGL recommends routine inspection, maintenance und repair about two or three times a year. This work is done by an experienced 3-man team made up of a process engineer, an electronics specialist and a mechanic.

LINGL Competence

In addition to inspection, maintenance and repair of the overall system, we of course offer this service for partial systems and individual machines too, for example:

  • Cutter
  • Setting unit
  • Dryer / kiln
  • Unloading unit
  • Kiln car cleaning systems
  • Grinding unit
  • Automatic foil applicators

Your Benefits

Besides assuring high efficiency and production quality from your equipment, this service also gives you access to new technical features, modernizations and upgrades at all times.
Thanks to detailed documentation about the service work performed and also about the condition of your production facility, you have a solid basis of information and data for making productionrelated and economic decisions.
See for yourself the quality of our insection and maintenance program by requesting a quotation – without any obligation – tailored to your specific requirements.