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Gas Safety Tests

You show a sense of responsibility towards your production plant and your employees by ensuring that your plant and equipment complies with all relevant requirements concerning health & safety and the environment. These requirements may have varying origins, i. e.:

  • statutory requirements in the form of laws or guidelines
  • non-compulsory introduction based on branch specific requirements or internationally recognised standards
  • self-imposed standards

LINGL Competence

Authorized service technicians perform your safety checks on all your gas systems in accordance with makers‘ specifications, statutory regulations and guidelines:

  • Gas regulation lines
  • Gas lines and gas-carrying parts
  • Air heaters / fan-driven gas burners
  • Burners (e.g. high-speed burners, alternating gas burners)
  • Radiant tube heaters
  • Wall-mounted water heaters

The basis for these tests is the inspection and maintenance intervals specified by the facility manufacturer in accordance with German TRGI/DVGW guidelines. After completion of the work, you will receive a detailed inspection report.

Your Benefits

  • ONE for ALL! That‘s no empty promise. LINGL looks after all gas safety tests for your entire production facility.
  • Our safety check doesn‘t disrupt operations by your plant, since it can be conducted during production.
  • This safety check represents an important component of your risk management.


  • If required, we can also conduct, in addition to the safety check, maintenance work on your gas systems.