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Raw Materials Analysis

Study of the raw materials is absolutely essential to ensure optimum design of the units and for dryer and kiln analysis, since the characteristics of the individual components substantially determine the product quality.

LINGL Competence

Specialists carry out examinations by utilising the latest laboratory equipment and analysis technologies for the following areas:

  • Quantitative mineral analysis
  • Sieve and sedimentation analysis
  • Chemical analysis and determination of the content of anorganic and organic carbon, sulfide and total sulfur, chloride and fluoride
  • Elementary analyses of additives such as porosity enhancers, slags and carbon-containing additives
  • Thermal tests (simultaneous thermal analysis, dilatometer, laboratory drying, gradient firing)

Your Benefits

  • The results of the raw materials analysis supply you with substantive information, including raw break resistance and sensitivity to drying
  • risk of cracks during drying and firing
  • causes of product defects
  • optimum firing temperature
  • suitability of raw materials for different products
  • corrosion potential of raw material and the expected emissions during firing
  • raw material enthalpy for calculating the energy balance of kilns