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Second-Hand Machinery and Equipment

Experienced LINGL specialists know the conditions of production and operation, as well as the machinery, down to the last detail. We have a global network of clients, suppliers, representatives, service centers and subsidiaries. This is a resource that enables LINGL to provide sound assessments when determining the value of machinery and equipment.

LINGL Competence

  • Search for suitable suppliers or interested parties using the global LINGL network
  • Organization of a professional and speedy relocation and recommissioning of machinery and equipment
  • General overhauling of second-hand machinery and equipment
  • Technical upgrades bring machinery and equipment up to current and efficient standards

Your Benefits

  • The latest technology with second-hand machinery
  • Inexpensive alternatives to new machinery


  • Send us your “wish list” of second-hand machinery and equipment, then we‘ll start searching.
  • If you want to offer second-hand systems, send us the appropriate information and we‘ll look for potential customers.
  • Whether you‘re buying or selling, just call us, or write to us at