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Energy Saving and Emissions Consultation

Reduce Energy Costs and CO2 Emissions - Increase Quality

Thermal processes operating within your dryer and kiln are deciding factors of your production system. Conservation of resources, sustainability and a reduction in CO2 emissions add up to an important competitive advantage, especially in the manufacture of ceramics.
Our energy saving and emissions consultation indicates where the potential for energy saving and CO2 emission reduction would lie and therefore would directly contribute to lowering your operational costs and to the protection of the environment.
The LINGL process analysis supplies the necessary basic data to optimize the alignment of the three most influential components to achieve this objective. These are “energy consumption – product quality – output”.

LINGL Competence

Based on the analysis of the thermal processes of the dryer and kiln, LINGL will indicate achievable potential through relevant modernization and optimization measures. All calculations and analysis will
be summarized in test reports and will provide statements with focus on the following areas:

  • Actual condition of the dryer and kiln and their relevant output limitations
  • Energy balance and potential savings on energy and emissions
  • Emissions to be expected at minimum requirement of smoke gas cleaning systems
  • Achievable outputs after modernization / conversions

Your Benefits

  • Establish the current working point of your system
  • Reduce operational costs by reducing energy requirements and emissions
  • Identifying modernization requirements and their effects
  • Improving product quality
  • Support during product development
  • Increasing your production output


  • Combine our energy saving and emissions consultation with a prior raw material analysis and benefit from our “Analysis Package Price”.