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Heat radiation invisible to the human eye can be made visible by thermography.
According to recent statistics compiled by insurance companies approx. 30% of all fires in industrial plants are caused by defective electrical systems.
In addition to the risk from fires, defects from overloaded cables, distribution boxes, fuses and other components, as well as damage due to loose clamping connections, are a prime cause of many operational disruptions.
This is why our thermographic measurements focus on electrical switchgear and cable routes.
What‘s more, we can also perform inspections of mechanical components, process equipment and systems.

LINGL Competence

  • Our mobile thermographic service assesses your electrical systems, analyses the results and documents the condition of the system at the time of inspection

Your Benefits

  • Inexpensive checking of your facilities without halting production
  • Regular thermographic measurements represent a preventive fire safety program that is rewarded by many fire insurance companies in the form of lower premiums
  • Recurring inspections enable imperceptible changes to be spotted
  • This service is an important and integral part of your risk management


  • Benefit from our service package “Condition Monitoring”
    In terms of cost our service package “Condition Monitoring” is of great interest and incorporates the following individual services:

    • thermography
    • vibration measurement
    • compressed air leakage measurement