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Vibration Diagnosis

Mobile vibration diagnosis is a very efficient way of assessing the condition of machinery. This service enables you recognise changes within the operating behavior reliably and early, i. e. such as those caused by out-of-balance or damaged roller bearings.

LINGL Competence

Continuous vibration measurement, using permanently installed sensors, or with mobile measuring instruments used by our service technicians.

Typical applications:

  • In expensive drive units, or for drive units in bottleneck machines (e.g. robot gear units)
  • Early detection of damage to roller bearings and lubrication problems (e.g. in fan drives)

Your Benefits

  • Prevention of major damage and of long downtimes thanks to early detection
  • Timely scheduling of condition-oriented maintenance work


  • In the course of robot maintenance, our service technicians can perform a mobile vibration measurement on the gear units.
  • Alternatively, permanent vibration monitoring is possible using sensors permanently installed on the robots. Data recording and history as well as measurement data display can be handled either by the machine operating and visualization system (MBVL) from LINGL or with a separate computer.