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Compressed Air Leakage Localization

Compressed air is one of the most important and expensive energy sources used in industry. Leakage losses, generally around 20-40%, cause unnecessarily high energy costs.

The typical leak points are:
screw connections, couplings, insert connectors, hoses, valves, cylinders, maintenance units, compressed-air tools, blow guns, corroded pipes.

LINGL Competence

  • Detection of leaks using the latest ultrasonic measuring equipment
  • Marking and documentation of the located leaks

Your Benefits

  • Considerable energy savings thanks to the reduction of compressed air losses of approx. 5-10%.


  • In the course of a thermographic measurement, our service technician can also conduct a compressed air leakage measurement on your system.
    One service technician + two service operations = saving in time and money