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24h Service

We can be reached 365 days a year and round the clock at the following number:

+49 (0) 700 – 82 82 82 50

Support Hotline

Technical assistance and advice is initially provided over the telephone, where we discuss the current problem and how to solve it with you.
To do so, we have a skilled team made up of specialists from all the relevant technical divisions. The possibility of a diagnosis over the telephone and our assistance in remedying any fault enables us to help you quickly and inexpensively.

Service on the Spot

If a visit is needed in addition to the over-the-telephone support then a LINGL service technician will be sent to your plant at very short notice. Qualified specialists are therefore available to assist on site.

Remote Service

If you already have a LINGL Service Partner Agreement then you can cost-effectively benefit from this additional service from our technical support.
Thanks to direct access to the machine data, user interfaces, software of the facility and dialog with your employees, our specialists can take the necessary steps for rectifying any problems.
This service is of great benefit in particular for the processing facilities of dryer and kiln.
It often allows expensive on-the-spot work to be avoided.