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LINGL offers special cutters, handling technology and special dryers for the production of ceramic catalyst bodies. In doing so we differentiate between coarse pored DeNOx honeycombs which are used for example to reduce the nitrogen oxide in the flue gases of coal-fired power stations and the clearly more fine pored catalysts for cleaning petrol and diesel exhaust gases. These two types of catalysts are produced in different ways. As catalysts are very sensitive, especially in wet or dry condition, attention is to be paid to a particular careful handling of the products. Drying of the honeycombs also requires a very special process.

LINGL is member of the DeNOx network, an association of well-known German manufacturers of ceramic plants. With each member being an expert in its respective field, we are able to offer complete plants for the production of high-quality catalysts. The individual members of the network are:

Eirich, HardheimPreparation and mixing
ECT-Kema, GörlitzStraining and extrusion
LINGL, KrumbachHandling technology and drying
Keramischer Ofenbau, Hildesheim Calcining
  • Stack gripping robot for technical ceramics
  • Stack gripping robot for catalysts
  • Stack gripping robot for technical ceramics
  • Exhaust system for technical ceramics
  • Foil applying equipment for catalysts
  • Stacking robot for catalysts
  • Chamber dryer for catalysts
  • De-stacking robot for technical ceramics