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Facing Bricks & Pavers

Facing bricks and pavers give distinction to the architecture and the living environment of people to a large degree. Exquisite facades made of bricks with a wide variety of characteristics can be found all over the world. LINGL is your experienced partner when it comes to the proper technology for the production of this product variety. Whether it concerns stiff-extrusion plants, soft-mud plants, production of quarter bricks or flashing, our experts will be glad to inform you about the various demands on the raw material, the required preparation and shaping processes and the conceptual design of the most suited drying and firing technique for your plant.

  • Firing equipment of tunnel kiln
  • Setting installation for wall bricks
  • Firing equipment of tunnel kiln
  • Pack unloading – facing bricks
  • Sanding device for facing bricks
  • Grouping and aligning device for the heavy clay industry
  • Process control system
  • Handling of facing bricks by robot
  • Works layout
  • Handling of heavy clay products by robot
  • Entrance of holding room for heavy clay products
  • Setting installation for facing bricks
  • Facer for heavy clay products
  • Setting installation for heavy clay products