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Backing Bricks

LINGL is based in Krumbach in Southern Germany – the region where fundamental developments for backing bricks took place. Today, porous backing bricks filled with insulating material are classified as premium building material for modern and energy-efficient houses. LINGL has substantially contributed to this development. As regards production facilities for backing bricks, we can show numerous reference plants in close proximity to our customers and interested parties from all over the world and, in addition to that, we carry the production technology for building materials into the world by our globally installed plants. We moreover make an analysis of your raw materials so that we can choose the most suited systems engineering.

  • Works layout
  • Loading gripper for drying supports, wet side
  • Unloading gripper for drying supports - heavy clay products
  • Dryer car unloading equipment for heavy clay products
  • Grouping and packaging installation for wall bricks
  • Positioning of kilns cars charged with dried wall bricks
  • Setting installation for wall bricks
  • Unloading installation for heavy clay products