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Laboratory and Process Analyses

Prior to the realisation of any modernisation, the analysis of the utilised raw materials and of the thermal processes in dryer and kiln is an indispensable decision-making tool. For this purpose, LINGL offers comprehensive process analyses to optimise your production. We determine the current operating point of the plant, specify the required modernisation needs and effects and assist you in the commissioning and product development.
As to the intended modification measures and their effect on the plant, you will be provided with the expected plant parameters. These especially refer to the increase in production capacity, the reduction of energy consumption and emissions as well as the improvement of product quality.
Our range of services moreover includes comprehensive analyses of your raw materials as well as of your semi-finished and finished products. These analyses are carried out in our laboratory and technology centre where the behaviour at preparation and shaping, at drying and firing until grinding is determined.
Our mobile test dryers offer the possibility to determine and optimise the drying conditions at green products directly during production on site. We would be pleased to advise you on this subject.

  • Samples delivered for material analysis
  • Material analyses in the laboratory
  • Determination of drying behaviour in the climatic chamber
  • Test firing in our laboratory
  • Test dryer
  • Laboratory test samples
  • Testing of material properties, e.g. bending strength
  • Reflected light microscope for material analysis
  • Process analysis: analysis of current status at customer’s site
  • Process analysis: test drying at customer’s site

Cutting Technology

The cutters for wall brick and roof tile production offered by LINGL are characterised by cutting-edge technology. This is impressively proved by our numerous solutions patented to a large extent. When developing new equipment, we focus on increasing the product quality and on improving the user-friendliness at the same time. Thus our cutters are equipped with numerous components for rapid product change, for example.

LINGL offers multi-wire cutters for cyclic operation and universal cutters for continuous operation. Many innovations like the rotation cutter have been developed by LINGL and set trends in the brick and roof tile production.

  • Belt harp for wall bricks
  • Universal cutter for horizontal coring bricks
  • Bi-directional cutter incl. chamfering device
  • Principle of the bi-directional cutter
  • Cutting carriage for bi-directional cutter
  • Cutting carriage for bi-directional cutter
  • Cutter, system harp with column lift
  • Universal cutter with wire feeding device
  • Universal cutter for wall bricks
  • Belt harp
  • Rotating cutter
  • Cutter for split tiles

Conveyor Systems

At LINGL we follow the strategic guideline that all equipment for materials handling shall be made by LINGL. Following this basic rule, we design and manufacture belt conveyors for the transport of raw material in the preparation and shaping areas of the ceramic industry as well as for bulk material in many other industrial sectors.
Our most modern manufacturing equipment around a fully automatic sheet metal grinding centre allows for the fast and cost-effective manufacturing of a modular system consisting of different conveyors made from laser-cut and bended sheet metal.
The continuous conveyors made by LINGL have already been installed at various customers and fully meet the high demands requested by the respective customers. Feel free to contact us!

  • Supporting structure of troughed belt conveyor
  • Waste conveyor
  • Combination of conveyors for broken tiles
  • Steep belt conveyor
  • Steep belt conveyor for broken pieces
  • Belt conveyors for plain tiles
  • Combination of conveyors for plain tiles
  • Combination of conveyors for plain tiles
  • Combination of conveyors for plain tiles
  • Steep belt conveyor for waste
  • Conveyors for plain tiles
  • Conveyors for plain tiles

Kiln Car Cleaning

The fully-automated kiln car cleaning installation of LINGL reduces time and work required for the manual maintenance of the kiln cars. Its design allows the individual and easy adaptation to different kiln car structures. The cleaning installation is equipped with lateral nozzles to extend the lifetime of the kiln labyrinth. Optionally, it can also be equipped with lifting device for the hollow draught blocks. The installation is supplied ready for operation with a cyclone suction filter unit for particle separation extraction filter with the possibility of either choosing a bag filter or a cartridge filter. We will be happy to advise you.

  • Suction cleaning of the kiln car’s draught blocks
  • Suction cleaning of the kiln car platform
  • Handling of draught blocks by robot, kiln car cleaning
  • Handling of draught blocks, kiln car cleaning
  • Handling of draught blocks by robot, kiln car cleaning
  • Handling of draught blocks, kiln car cleaning

Control Systems

Modern production lines need exactly controlled processes. Our control systems complete our range of products. According to the principle „Developed by professionals for practical application“, we implement the functionalities required by you focusing on user-friendliness and compatibility. The interfaces of our machine operating systems and of the control systems for dryers and kilns are provided from one source – all applications present a uniform „look-and-feel“ so that familiarisation is made especially easy. We offer, amongst others, operating and control systems in the following fields:

  • Operating Systems for Machines
  • Kiln and Dryer Systems
  • Kiln Car Transport Systems (linked)
  • And much more

Energy Savings

Our product portfolio not only includes upgrades for existing dryers and kilns but also new drying and firing concepts. Please talk to us. Our developments minimise energy consumption, thus reducing operational costs of your plant in the long-term.

These sustainable investments pay off quickly giving you a real competitive edge. Our experts will be happy to present the following concepts to you:

  • Alternative fuels
  • Pre-heating of combustion air
  • Hot gas recirculation systems
  • Expert I – Energy-optimised chamber dryer process
  • Expert II – Energy-optimised chamber start manager
  • EMS – Energy monitoring system
  • Choritherm dryer and Eko kiln for decoupled operation
  • PoroControl – Firing technology for raw materials rich in energy
  • Solutions for utilising waste heat (linked)
  • And much more