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Handling Technology

The systems engineering offered by LINGL includes for example setting machines, unloading machines and packaging installations. Furthermore, we supply complete transport systems for dryer and kiln cars. To realise the most complex applications in the smallest of spaces we use industrial robots to ensure the gentle handling of your products by means of the latest gripping technology. These applications are controlled by the system MBVL (machinery operation and visualisation system LINGL). To facilitate the generation of different and complex setting schemes, we have developed a new 3D programming interface which can be coupled to the control system as an option.

  • Stack gripping robot for technical ceramics
  • Stack gripping robot for catalysts
  • Stack gripping robot for technical ceramics
  • Exhaust system for technical ceramics
  • Foil applying equipment for catalysts
  • Stacking robot for catalysts
  • Chamber dryer for catalysts
  • De-stacking robot for technical ceramics